10 Jenis Botol Minyak Wangi yang Cantik..!!!

Terdapat berpuluh-puluh botol, cantik minyak wangi cantik di luar sana. Tetapi 10 minyak wangi di bawah adalah sama seperti ibu anda mengajar anda untuk menjadi - cantik di luar DAN dalam. Dalam erti kata lain, wangian ini ada ciri-ciri tertentu yang menarik samada dari segi rekaannya yang nampak cantik sewaktu diletakkan di dalam almari mahupun dalamannya yang harum mengharumkan udara sekeliling..

1. Lola by Marc Jacobs

Smells like: pear, rose, and vanilla
Vibe: flirty

2. Sunshine Cuties by Harajuku Lovers

Smells like: each is a little different, ranging from “Love” with hints of nectarine and lemon blossom to “Music” with hints of tiger orchid and jasmine petals
Vibe: carefree

3. L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

Smells like: iris, sandalwood, and gardenia
Vibe: modern

4. Be Delicious by DKNY

Smells like: grapefruit, apricot, and jasmine
Vibe: fresh

5. Betsey Johnson by Betsey Johnson
Smells like: pear, grapefruit, and tangerine
Vibe: playful

6. Oscar Violet by Oscar de la Renta

Smells like: dark chocolate, cinnamon, and citrus
Vibe: sensual

7. Glam Princess by Vera Wang

Smells like: honey, vanilla, and orchid
Vibe: pure glamor!

8. Feérie by Van Cleef and Arpels

Smells like: violet, red berries, and Egyptian jasmine
Vibe: whimsical

9. Organza by Givenchy

Smells like: honeysuckle, amber, and iris
Vibe: elegant

10. Délices by Cartier

Smells like: bergamot, pink pepper, freesia
Vibe: exotic

Kredit : collegefashion.net

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